Our commitment is to provide a design, which synthesizes all elements in a harmony. We initiate the design by establishing empathy with people who will occupy, visit, use or simply move around the space we create.

Tarre provides unique design approaches integrated with the modern trends, while focusing on clients’ needs, functionality, sustainability, environment, human perception and psychology. Technology and future innovations are part of the design intent along with essential traditions of occupants as well as inspirational cultural heritage.


Tarre adds a unique touch on interiors by considering and interpreting every single element in order to provide comfortable elegant spaces. Interiors are formed of well-balanced colors, shapes, patterns and textures in combination of architectural form.   


As a distinctive service, Tarre’s product design service caters for collaboration with the Manufacturers who produce equipment, fittings, accessory and materials of architecture, interiors and landscape both as custom made and mass productions.